The values of FIABCI (International Real Estate Federation) reflect its commitment to excellence, ethics, and collaboration in the real estate sector:

Integrity and Ethics

Commitment to high ethical standards in all real estate operations and transactions, fostering trust and accountability among its members.


Promoting excellence and professional competence in the real estate sector, ensuring that members are well-informed and trained.

Collaboration and Network

Fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas among professionals in the sector globally, to enhance business opportunities and professional development.

Innovation and Adaptability

Adapting to changing market trends and promoting innovation in the real estate sector by incorporating new technologies and approaches.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Promoting practices that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, and contributing to social development through the real estate sector.

Diversity and Inclusion

Respecting and valuing diversity within the sector, promoting inclusion and equal opportunities for all professionals.

Industry Leadership

Establishing leadership and influence in the real estate sector, shaping policies and practices globally.